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Allergy shots are the primary method of treatment for allergy-related symptoms and conditions. If given in correct doses, shots can be extremely effective for the vast majority of patients. Despite the obvious benefits of allergy shots, not all physicians are permitted to administer allergy treatment.

Only an allergist who has been trained in an Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology programs and supervised by expert physicians in allergy shot preparation may give their patients allergy shots. Dr. Vaughn of Affordable Allergy Solutions is such an allergist! She has been serving customers with allergy shots in San Antonio, TX for over 20 years!

Our allergy shots will help treat your symptoms by aiding your body in building immunity against allergens. While there is no definitive cure for allergies, allergy shots will gradually reduce your allergy-related symptoms.

Allergy shots function similar to vaccines, as your body responds to injected amounts of a specific allergen. Gradually increasing doses will aid your body in building an immunity against the allergen. Shots are given in two phases, the build-up and maintenance phase.

The build-up phase involves receiving injections with gradually increasing amounts of allergens on a bi-weekly basis for three to six months. The purpose of this phase is to find an effective allergen dose that will promote immunity in the body.

After this dose is achieved, the maintenance phase begins. During the maintenance phase, allergy injections will be administered less often, usually every two to four weeks. The maintenance phase can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, with the end goal being long-term relief from allergy-related symptoms.

Allergy vaccination can be a life-saver for patients who struggle relentlessly from allergies. We will work with you to find a dosage and injection system that works for your body. Let the #1 allergy specialist in Texas serve you with expert allergy treatment!

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